Threat of The Ashlands

Session the Sixth

Woodhollow Local / Dyson's Delve

The party headed south to root out the gigantic spider web that was discovered on the way home. What they found was a giant dragon-scaled black widow with dragon wings! After besting it handily, they discovered the body of a farmer, who was returned to his home whereupon his wife thanked the party profusely and donated one of her eight sons, Bill, to Athena’s entourage.

Reforming at the Silver Buckle, RAGE moves once again on Dyson’s Delve, heading to the northern stairs and descending to the second level. Six goblins are purged, and a secret tomb full of skeleton guards is discovered. After their destruction, the sarcophagus is looted; inside was a Staff of the Serpent, a bronze rod of no small power.

Outside, the remainder of RAGE were approached by the local thieves’ guild with attempted robbery, until Chad laid a choking grip spell upon their leader, Fovra the Snake, and a gruesome battle was joined. The main party exited the dungeon just in time to handle cleanup duty. During the battle, Brock’s eye socket was smashed by a horse’s hoof, and Chef sustained a broken spine and is now fully paralyzed.

Death Toll: 1
Wounded in Action: 8



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