Schlemiel - Deceased (suicide)



STR 10 INT 7 WIS 11 DEX 12 CON 7 CHA 10

HP 1; AC 1; AT 11+

Proficiencies: Craft (clothmaker)


Schlemiel is a tailor from Woodhollow. After suffering a chest wound by goblin spear, he is left with a need to rest for 20 minutes per hour of activity, has a 33% lower wilderness movement rate, and has lost 3 points of CON. Schlemiel was dumped at the Healers’ Hut and left to die. He recovered and tried to continue his tailoring business, but his health kept him from working hard and he failed. One night, he got drunk and hung himself from the rafters, and now he is dead. Good job, you fucking dicks.

Schlemiel - Deceased (suicide)

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