Grimdark Fukbvg

Dwarven Vaultguard (Battlerager)


Character: Grimdark Fukbvg, Dwarven Vaultguard (Sentry) [Battlerager]
Stats: STR:18 (3), INT:7 (-1), WIS:6 (-1), DEX:10 (0), CON:13 (1), CHR:11 (0)
Saves: Petrification & Paralysis: 11, Poison & Death: 10, Blast & Breath: 13, Staffs & Wands: 12, Spells: 13

Combat: AC: 3 (4 with shield), HP: 1d8+1, Movement: 90’ (30’)
Attacks: Battle axe (7+,1d6+4); Dagger (7+,1d4+4)
Actions: Open doors (6+), Detect secret doors (18+), Hear noise (14+), Find traps (14+)
Proficiencies: Berserkergang, Intimidation
Class features: Sensitivity to rock and stone, Detect traps

Equipment: Rune-carved battle axe, dagger, ring mail armor, wool tunic and pants, leather belt, low boots, backpack, tinderbox, 12 torches, 1 week’s iron rations, Iron-shod spear

Load: 10/1
Gold: 162

Languages: Dwarf,Gnome,Goblin,Kobold
Next level: 2,200 XP (10% bonus)
XP: 416


Grimdark is a Dwarven Vaultguard from Deepshore that traveled to Woodhollow. He has signed on with RAGE.

Grimdark Fukbvg

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