Character: Chesty, Gnomish Prankpriest (Jack) [Lim Aspirant]
Stats: STR:10 (0), INT:13 (1), WIS:16 (2), DEX:7 (-1), CON:10 (0), CHR:9 (0)
Saves: Petrification & Paralysis: 11, Poison & Death: 8, Blast & Breath: 14, Staffs & Wands: 9, Spells: 11

Combat: AC: 3(4), HP: 3, Movement: 60’ (20’)
Attacks: Warhammer (10/1d6), Dagger (10/1d4)
Actions: Open doors (18+), Detect secret doors (18+), Hear noise (18+), Find traps (18+), Hide in Shadow (17), Move Silent (15), Prestidigitation (17), Arcane Dabbling (18)
Proficiencies: Mapping, Bargaining, Disguise, Skulking
Class features: Turn undead, Friend of Birds & Beasts, Nose for Potions, Prankpriests’ Code, Reistance to Illusions

Equipment: Crossbow with bolt case, purple chainmail armor, jesters’ head shield, warhammer, holy symbol (Lim’s skull), backpack, 1 week iron rations, belt pouch, live chicken, small sack, 10’ pole, wax candle,12 iron spikes, crowbar, yellow leather belt, linen tunic and pants, red leather gloves, gigantic jesters’ cap

Load: 10/5

Gold: 82

Languages: Dwarf,Gnome,Goblin,Kobold
Next level: 2,650 XP (10% bonus)
XP: 279


Chestina “Chesty” the gnome is from a local forest gnome hamlet. She is a Tax Assessor in Woodhollow. Her forearm was gravely injured by goblin spear, and she can no longer use a weapon or shield in her left hand. Chesty is a henchman of Odo. Chesty became a gnomish prankpriest.


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