Chase Morgan



Character: Chase Morgan, Venturer (Tinker) [Caravaneer]
Stats: STR:5 (-2), INT:6 (-1), WIS:9 (0), DEX:9 (0), CON:13 (1), CHR:18 (3)
Saves: Petrification & Paralysis: 13, Poison & Death: 10, Blast & Breath: 16, Staffs & Wands: 13, Spells: 15

Combat: AC: 2, HP: 6, Movement: 120’ (40’)
Attacks: Short sword (12+,1d6-2); Dagger (10+,1d4); Crossbow (10+,1d6)
Actions: Open doors (26+), Detect secret doors (18+), Hear noise (14+), Find traps (18+)
Proficiencies: Bargaining (2), Diplomacy, Bribery, Precise Shooting, Animal Husbandry
Class features: Mercantile network, Expert bargainers, Read languages (5+), Avoid getting lost

Equipment: Crossbow, short sword, dagger x2, leather armor under dusty robes, leather belt, sturdy low boots, backpack x2, tinderbox, 18 torches, 1 flask of common oil, 1 pint of good wine in wineskin, small cart, mule, draft harness and tack, 2 leather saddlebags, 2 weeks’ iron rations

Gold: 291
Silver: 10
Copper: 243

Languages: Common (Can’t Read)
Next level: 1,500 XP (10% bonus)


Chase is a Merchants’ Guild Officer from Woodhollow. She is now a Venturer Merchant. Chase is a henchman of Athena.

Chase Morgan

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