Gnomish Trickster (Juggla)


Character: Aarwin, Gnomish Trickster (Gnomish Scamp) [Juggla]
Stats: STR:6 (-1), INT:9 (0), WIS:6 (-1), DEX:11 (0), CON:9 (0), CHR:10 (0)
Saves: Petrification & Paralysis: 15, Poison & Death: 14, Blast & Breath: 16, Staffs & Wands: 16, Spells: 17

Combat: AC: 2, HP: 2, Movement: 120’ (40’)
Attacks: Sword + dagger (10+,1d6-1); Arbalest (10+,1d8); Dagger (throw) (10+,1d4)
Actions: Open doors (22+), Detect secret doors (18+), Hear noise (18+), Find traps (18+)
Proficiencies: Survival, Magical Music, Performance (beatbox rap)
Class features: Ambush, Prestidigitation, Cast innate spells, Resistant to illusions, Innate illusion mastery, Speak with animals

Equipment: Arbalest, short sword, 4 throwing daggers, leather armor, embroidered cloak, colorful wool tunic and pants, jongleur’s cap, leather belt, low boots, backpack x2, zither, fishing pole, tackle, 6 torches

Gold: 367

Languages: Dwarf,Elf,Goblin,Kobold
XP: 263
Next level: 2,475 XP


Aarwin is a Gnome from Deepshore. He joined the Fishers’ Guild in Woodhollow. Now he is a Gnomish Trickster, and henchman of Aandy.


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