Threat of The Ashlands

Session the Third

Dyson's Delve

After taking a year off to train, RAGE met once more in the Silver Buckle to explore the dungeon to which they have been awarded exclusive exploration rights, Dyson’s Delve. With a mixed bag of companions, a few missing faces, and a few new, RAGE headed immediately into the third level of Dyson’s Delve, where they were assaulted by tens of horrific zombies! Newcomer Rasheed was horribly mangled, losing both eyes in a gruesome zombie feeding frenzy. Rasheed retired to live a quiet life of contemplation in Woodhollow, forever casting off the shackles of his Zaharan heritage. He was replaced by Grimdark Fukbvg, the Dwarf Vaultguard.

On a second foray, Athena was snacked upon by carnivorous Robber Flies! She survived with gusto. A crypt was looted and experience was gained! Odo kicked a corpse’s skull into dust looking for extra gold coins.

Kill Count: 1
Wound Count: 3



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