Threat of The Ashlands

Session the Seventh

Woodhollow / Waterdowns

After lengthy discussion, RAGE decides to track down Bob and query him about the thieves’ ambush. After gaining information and allies, they assault the Waterdowns en masse. Sending Spike forward to scout, he is discovered by two guild thieves, and decides to attack them. They fear for their lives, but slay the poor cactuar. In their vengeance, RAGE wipes out any thieves’ guild members from their shanty tavern as Ash Pines rips it to the ground.

Malfignius and newcomer Livacious scout the guild hold and after massive deliberation, RAGE decides that discretion is the better part of valor and withdraws to The Silver Buckle. Their new plan is so strike off northwest to perform recon and murder on the gnoll tribes of the Badlands. Athena and Ash Pines ritually buried Spike, became friends with a Dire Wolf, and a strange cacti forest springs from the site of the burial…

Death Toll: 3
Wounded in Action: 8



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