Threat of The Ashlands

Session the Second

Dyson's Delve

With a few old members sitting out, and a few new filling in, the Fishers’ Guild set out once more to explore Dyson’s Delve (but not before dumping Schlemiel at the Healer’s Hut and looting his body). Heading into a second dire rat nest and finding giant ferrets feasting on remains, the Fishers quietly backed out of the room, took another passage, and headed downstairs. Stumbling across a floor strewn with shredded rat carcasses, the group was ambushed by two fearsome ghouls! Ariana the Dwarf Executioner instantly split the skull of one ghoul, as the second tore into Odo the Dwarf Guardsman, who repelled all three attacks with ease. The ghoul, distracted by Ese’s hammer throw, was put down by a single swipe from Athena’s blade. A quick search revealed that one ghoul was dressed in rotted finery, and carried jewelry which sold for nearly 3,000 gold pieces. The Fishers quickly returned to town with their spoils. After turning over the ghouls’ heads to the magistrate, the group was given rights to explore the dungeon freely, with other groups not allowed.

After taking a year hiatus to train (and Schlemiel committing suicide), the crew attains first level in various classes, and aims to set out once more…

Kill Count: 1
Wound Count: 2



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