Threat of The Ashlands

Session the Fourth

Dyson's Delve

Only 3 core members of RAGE and their henchmen set out today. New henchmen were hired, including a rare treant cactuar. Athena challenged Clayton to a brawl, and Clayton bashed her head in good with a morning star. She suffered notable scarring. Into Dyson’s Delve they marched, straight back to the third floor, where they were set upon by three horrific ghouls. After paralyzing Clayton, a ghoul shredded Spike the Cactrot nearly to death, leaving it with notable scarring. Odo went into a rage and mutilated two ghouls, with Athena picking up the third kill.

Heading further in, the party was happened upon by five goblins. Gaining surprise, they decided to ambush, and were nearly broken for their choice. Brock suffered a chest wound and gained many new penalties. Malfignius the Firebrand was speared in the mouth and lost a tooth. With still no sign of Jay, RAGE gathered their loot and exited Dyson’s Delve, to find an ancient Ent chatting up Chase’s mule. Douglas Fir informed Athena that she was not human, and granted her a treant follower in exchange for her later solving the mystery of the Tower of Zot.

Death Toll: 1
Wound Count: 6



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