Threat of The Ashlands:

Adventures in the Kingdom of Ibaric

As an ongoing campaign, we will not have a set player base; whoever shows up plays and gets loot and XP. All players welcome, new and old. I’ve invited people who don’t live here or have conflicting schedules just in case we have sessions that they can attend.

System – Basic / Expert D&D blended with Adventurer Conqueror King System and Original D&D. I will make 100% of my dice rolls in front of players, although I may not always tell you what the dice represent.

Setting – Somewhat standard D&D in the Kingdom of Ibaric, featuring the powerful dwarven-gnomish steam naval society of Deepshore, the medieval realm of Orden, and the ruined Ashlands of the South.

Character Creation – 3d6 in order, no rerolls permitted. Diced Hit Points with no rerolls permitted. We will be using the Character Creation Funnel in which players will dice multiple 0-level characters at the first session. The survivors will go on to become the level 1 party and their henchmen. Any character not created at the table is invalid (disclaimer-if you have rolled a Basic D&D standard character in another of my games, you can employ them as a henchman when you reach the appropriate level).

Player Group Size – Any, although a large enough group may require a player to function as DM assistant.

Tone – Casual; some serious moments, some Army of Darkness moments.

Difficulty – Tough; there WILL be PC blood.

PC Power Level – Starts off puny, and increases to heroic.

Cooperation – Player vs. Player is allowed, but I reserve the right to quash anything.

Campaign Length – Unknown. However, as an uncommitted player, you have no requirement to play more than 1 session; conversely, you can show up every single game. I intend to run the game at least until someone hits the level cap after building a stronghold.

Threat of The Ashlands

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